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akitrom's Journal

It seems I use LiveJournal to catch up on friends and post in their journals more than my one. I should work to improve that balance.

Math and related fields instructor. Student of early music.
aclu, acoustic guitar, acting, aesir, aikido, alternate history, amber, anglo-saxon, anime, applied linguistics, archery, arthurian legend, astronomy, bagpipes, baltimore consort, banjo, bardic arts, bicycling, board games, books, bowed psaltery, c. s. lewis, c.s. lewis, calligraphy, candles, caroso, catholic, catholicism, cello, celtic folk music, choral music, cirque du soleil, comics, commedia del arte, convergence, cooking, d&d, dadgad, disney songs, doctor who, douglas adams, dr. who, dungeons & dragons., early music, education, english, falsifying statistics, fantasy, filk music, firefly, folk music, games, gaming, girl genius, grammar, grant writing, guitar, gurps, hammered dulcimers, harps, heraldry, historical reenactment, history, hypnotism, illumination, j.r.r. tolkien, joss whedon, lost, madrigals, math, medieval music, middle english, minnesota renaissance festival, motets, muppets, nordleigh, nordskogen, northshield, npr, orbital mind control lasers, philosophy, piano, playing recorder, poetry, psaltery, puffins, puzzles, random acts of kindness, recorder, renaissance, renaissance dance, renaissance faires, renaissance festivals, renaissance music, roger zelazny, role playing, role playing games, roman catholic, rpgs, sca, sci/fi, science, science fiction, settlers of catan, singing, society for creative anachronism, stan rogers, star trek, star wars, stargate sg-1, strategy games, substitute teaching, subverting the dominant paradigm, superheroes, swing dancing, swing music, theatre, traveler, traveling, truth, twin cities, waffles, writing